Still reveling in glee from such a wild night last night with our very first show at Highland Lounge featuring the most authentic showmen in the biz Dada Life! ✨🍌✨ Overwhelmed with happiness to say the least! Stay tuned for more content from the show, and cheers to the next sets of events to come! πŸŽ‰ πŸ“ΈClark Terrell

From Andrew Parsons: I had a blast curating this very special event and I'm mega happy with how it turned out and quite ecstatic to share this with you all. Hotfire are probably my favorite up & coming artist's of the moment (in the bass house style). Their recent releases on Night Bass are TOP. So excited to see these guys live for the first time in Austin. I was turned onto Conrank by my buddy Marst and I'm SO damn stoked to see this dude. His recent releases on Circus Records are truly unique and inspired. This guy is the future. And last but def not least our headliner/resident DJ, Mija. Known for extended and eclectic mixes and brought up by Skrillex, I'm positive she will play a more bass driven set but knowing her she may play all night and play a bit of everything until the sun comes up lol. Snag tickets to this truly insane FRIDAY THE 13TH event at


In case you missed it, my new track Time To Jack is out now! Spinnin' Records

HUGE new one from TJR out on Spinnin' Records. Don't miss him headlining A Labor of Love on Sept 2nd at Ironwood Hall! for tix!

Jeremy Olander gives back with his imprint Vivrant - RealMusic Events

I haven't really known dance music without Jeremy Olander's name being at the forefront of my knowledge on the subject. Thanks to a very late entrance into the dance music scene, and an excellent educator, my love for progressive house bloomed immediately and has only continued to grow since. My gro...

RealMusic Events did an amazing little interview with one of our favorite artists Jeremy Olander ahead of his show next weekend August 25th at Kingdom Austin. Go check it out! <3

Ummmm.... get ready for tonight bc it's probably going to be our most wild party ever. #bananas #🍌🍌🍌 #dadalife #dothedada

Do you know who these three are? Tag them! They know how to #keepaustinREAL so we want to give them some free tickets! Sport our "vintage" 😜 shades out and that could be you too!

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