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Jun 01
  • 18+

Dirtybird BBQ 2019: Austin


Prohibited Items


  • No large bags/backpacks larger than 10”x10”

  • No laser pointers (immediate ejection)

  • No weapons

  • No items that can be used as a weapon

  • No illegal/harmful substances

  • No motorized vehicles of any kind

  • No fireworks or any other kind of explosive

  • No non-compliant medications

  • No unsealed over-the-counter medications

  • No vitamins or supplements

  • No pets

  • No large flashlights/spotlights (larger than pocket sized)

  • No amplified sound equipment

  • No airhorns

  • No instruments

  • No whistles

  • No outside beverages or food

  • No pacifiers

  • No totems that are constructed of metal pieces, sharpened elements, or are capable of being pounded into the ground or causing harm to others.

  • No professional recording equipment — photo, video or audio (dslrs, detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms or commercial-use rigs) *small go pros or compact camera are allowed*

  • No drones

  • No war bonnet style, traditional Native American headdresses.

  • General Rule: If the item or look in question is traditionally used by a community or culture other than your own to express religious beliefs, political statements, or respected status within that culture, leave it alone.

Allowed, with conditions*:

  • Hoops

  • Flow Toys

  • Totems (except see forbidden materials above)

*Must be handled responsibly with awareness of personal space & stay out of high traffic areas.

General Rules

  • Good vibes only!

  • Treat everyone and everything with respect

  • Don’t be a jerk!

  • Responsible & mature partying

  • Please pay mind to proper disposal of waste items!

  • Cups will be compostable (please place in composting containers!)

  • Camelbacks are allowed (empty upon entrance) and there are water fountains

  • No crowd surfing

  • No unauthorized vending (i.e. large quantities of any goods that could be sold or distributed - e.g. handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.)

  • No flash videography

  • No ins & outs

Lost & found: take any lost items to the box office

Drinks: there will be multiple fully stocked bars (21+ to drink). Water will be available for purchase or use the water station. Camelbacks are allowed but must be empty upon entrance.

Food: BBQ meals will be redeemable on site. Food Trucks available on site.

Parking: $20 cash on site (collected by venue)

Did we miss anything? Please send your questions to